• Jasmin Hasler

    Logo and identity design for poetic and tactile theatre maker Jasmin Hasler.

  • Foundation projects

    Urban interventions to create temporary meeting places from waste material from the neighborhood.

  • In search of Braden

    Editorial llustrations for magazine Gonzo (circus) #112, the story of Tom Wouters about American musician Braden McKenna.

  • Logos

    Logo designs for Dag 1, Touch Works, Streetcamp, Burg Boekhouding and Joost Vormeer.

  • Taverna

    Temporary bar for Public Design Festival Milan 2011.

  • Vechtclub

    The Vechtclub used to be a cultural business centre located at an old distribution centre in Utrecht Overvecht.

  • Breek

    Logo for composers Salvador Breed and Stijn van Beek, who call themselves Breek and made an electronic EP, released on the label Atomnation.