• Philosophicons

    An educational tool which can be used to visualize the argumentative structure of philosophical texts.

  • Vechtclub XL

    As an initiator, designer and creative manager, I used to be part of the development team of Vechtclub XL.

  • Alles zal er aardig zijn

    'Kakkerlakjes' are small books suitable for sending. I illustrated the wedding poem 'Alles zal er aardig zijn' by Esther Naomi Perquin.

  • Collages

    A4 Collages consisting of collected postcards, packages, paper and pictures.

  • Hati Hati

    Artwork for a series of concerts at Vechtclub XL.

  • Bram Petraeus

    Identity design for documentary and press photographer Bram Petraeus.

  • Daar ben je dan

    Four birth card designs that can be ordered and customized at Daarbenjedan.nl.

  • Joana Blanca

    Talented fashion designer Bianca Herranz van Roeden asked me to design a logo for her label Joana Blanca. Pictures by Adrian Woods and Gidi van Maarseveen.