• Vechtclub XL

    As an initiator, designer and creative manager, I’m part of the development team of Vechtclub XL.

  • Daar ben je dan

    Four birth card designs that can be ordered and customized at Daarbenjedan.nl.

  • Collages

    Collages consisting of collected postcards, packages, paper and pictures

  • Winter cards

    Series of 3 screen-printed postcards. Eco friendly heavy cardboard and bright coloured ink.

  • Hati Hati

    Artwork for a series of concerts at Vechtclub XL. The template can be re-used with changing backgrounds, depending on the music and atmosphere of each gig.

  • Stut Theater

    Local Theatre company Stut Theater made a tour through Utrecht with site-specific shows in four different neighborhoods.

  • Bram Petraeus

    Documentary, portait and press photographer Bram Petraeus commissioned me to design his corporate identity.

  • Foundation projects

    A concept I developed with Rikkert Paauw to create a meeting place for neighbors from waste material and old furniture from the neighborhood.

  • Taverna

    Foundation projects was invited by the Public Design Festival to build a bar at the festival heart in Milan.

  • Birth card Camil

    Birth announcement card design with a musical stave to compose a song for Camil.

  • In search of Braden

    Editorial llustrations for magazine Gonzo (circus) #112, the story of Tom Wouters about American musician Braden McKenna.

  • Stortplaats van Dromen

    Stortplaats van Dromen used to be a design and building company known for using second-hand and natural building materials.